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The process of building a custom home is certainly as much art as it is science.  In Carrollwood, Odessa, Lutz, and South Tampa, amongst the fastest growing communities in Florida and the United States, this business is busy.


The talents that are inherently required to be a custom design builder or contractor, necessitates an ability to have a vision with flexibility in the way that things materialize.  Size and space are amongst the most important things to know about since these are the architectural fundamentals of building.  Many custom home designers also play the role of maestro in the “building orchestra” of all the parties involved.  Architects, contractors, suppliers, land and property officials, and interior designers must be woven together when this home building process is put into play.


There is the need for creativity with regard for conventional building knowledge of structure.  The other biggest challenge is time and changing budgets that can significantly alter a home building project.  Both can be a set back and in some cases a show stopper.


Tampa Bay is experiencing some of the most dynamic growth in the U.S. with families and businesses flocking here to take advantage of excellent weather and a generous cost of living. With top notch beaches and an active outdoor lifestyle, this area is proving to be quite attractive.  For those seeking a custom built home, the relative costs associated with building a home here is drastically cheaper.


Boger Homes, of Lutz, Florida has been building custom designed homes in Tampa communities for almost 30 years.  Their forte has always been armed with patience and vision.  Its principal owner, David Boger, possesses the right demeanor for managing custom building with a very demanding audience.  Relatively well to do clientele can stress out the calmest of personalities, however Boger knows how he must dance with all the people involved.


Listening to the wants and wishes of his clients is where all negotiations must begin.  Then managing their expectations at all stages along the way is the next constant that must be maintained.


Stylistic points of what the family’s needs are such as: lifestyles, age of family members, and  special needs can drive many decisions incorporated in the custom home design process.  It is a good idea to consult with a few professionals to hear different ideas and approaches that each home design contractor may take and see if it coincides with what you are comfortable with.

For more information about custom home design practices contact Boger Homes at (813) 949-0074  21859 SR 54   Lutz, Fl  33549


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