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A daunting task indeed it is to custom build or design a home as well as overwhelming to say the least.  Dave Boger of Boger Homes has seen it all and tells us about those keys that a potential homeowner that is looking for a custom built home needs to know.

Boger discusses the various things that people need to know about custom design or custom building.  Clearly a complicated process requiring patience and organization, it is obvious that Boger possesses both skill sets as he calmly explains the process. 

There are architects and draftsmen that Boger works with in order to get a lot of his new clients.  As these professionals are approached for a custom design, Boger, as a contractor/ builder then gets called along with other builders for a comprehensive interview to see if there is a good fit.  Prospective buyers will generally want to see a portfolio and samples of prior work that has been done.  Additionally, they will express specifics as to what they want such as finishes and touches that they will have in mind. 

The custom designer then will put together a proposal incorporating all of the elements that they know the clients want and then craft their design plans which might entail 2-3 revisions before anything is finalized.   Realtors are also another source of business that comes to Boger and his team. 

Prior clients that have used Boger Homes before are sometimes repeat customers that have been through the custom design process and are happy with their experience before and are now looking to do another project.  

The process of participation by the homeowners is constant whereby there are many choices along the way that need to be made.  A spec home where a homeowner sits down for a few hours to see what hey can get is vastly different where every decision involves the owner.   Boger discusses every phase of construction requiring a decision and communication with his clients.  From the point of pouring the concrete slab to finalizing the home, the homeowner is walking through the home on a regular basis and making minor changes here and there.  

Most homeowners do not anticipate the amount of time that they will land up putting into the home design but when it is completed, they get a sense of satisfaction and appreciation for having their hand in it.  For more custom design information and tips about building this type of a home, contact Boger Homes at http://www.bogerhomes.com   (813) 949-0074   21859 SR 54   Lutz, Fl  33549

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