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Boger Homes is a custom home design builder in Odessa, Lutz, and Carrollwood  where they most recently discussed with us the size of land and parcels that they build on.  There are a variety of ways that a custom home builder comes across such an undertaking. 

Geography is always a great start when it comes to custom building a home, as Dave Boger, founder and owner of Boger Homes, says.  Sometimes, his prospective clients adore a piece of property that they have found and will bring it to his team to begin the design process.  Other times, they will request that Boger help in the search for a property with a “certain feel” or “ambiance” that they have in mind. 

The home itself is generally not thought of until they have the property with regards to the home’s size and dimensions, although Boger states that they will have a general idea.  Other clients will approach Boger with a floor plan and very specifics in terms of the home’s details, looks, and dimensions.  They will then back into the process by asking Boger to then help find the property that would suit this type of a very specific home to “accommodate that house”.

They do a lot of their home building on lakefronts.  Consequently, Boger’s custom home design team must conduct some due diligence and decipher characteristics such as the “flood prone” nature of the land.  They will find in many instances with these types of properties that the land has been filled and therefore Boger needs to understand the material used to fill this land i.e. organic.  This will require taking care of certain aspects of the land that will be need to “stabilize” the soil in preparation for building. 

Boger comes across many who merely are seeking a large tract of land and must then determine how much of that land will be developed where clearing is involved and how much will remain natural and
untouched”.  Ultimately, it comes down to the “setting” that they want and how they get this is comprised of all the aforementioned items. 

Setbacks and EPC Wetlands (Environmental Protection Commission) regulations will come into play with waterfront homes and must meet compliancy which is another major responsibility for Boger’s team.  EPC lines and surveys are therefore integral in this pre-building or pre-closing of a property. 

All in all, the property choosing is a major factor with many complexities on the part of the custom home designer that must be entertained.  It probably is more aptly described as more art than science, although there are many scientific and mathematical issues that come into play.  The better idea that a prospective buyer has certainly provides better guidance and can coach the process along. 

For a more details and custom ideas about building and home designs done in Carrollwood, Lutz, and Odessa, Florida, contact Boger Homes   (813) 949-0074    21859 SR 54  Lutz, Fl  33549   http://www.bogerhomes.com, servicing Odessa, Carrollwood, Lutz, and South Tampa, Florida

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