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Hardly for the feint of heart, custom building a home requires patience, perseverance, and yes, deep pockets.    The adventure in custom building a home from blue prints to window treatments can be exhilarating at the same time.


In order to find the right custom designer and contractor, you should do your homework.  The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB.org) is a good place to check for the work and specialty if any, that the builder needs expertise in.  Green building and adherence to quality control is a good example of where this organization can provide credentials of its members.


What many do not account for are the continual changes and delays that can significantly alter the project.  Many a marriage have been tested and broken as a result of the stresses that have become inherent in a custom built home.  Not only the costs that can escalate dramatically, but also the individual preferences and choices can lead to deep rooted differences that can surface. 


The dream that starts a project can quickly change into a nightmare.  Depending upon the contractor and the design team that is working with you, can be the difference between happiness and disaster.  Some have even ventured to try to build or do it yourself alongside the contractor which can be the worst combination of all.  Unless you have a contracting background and a solid foundation in structure and design, most custom builder professionals would steer clear of such an undertaking. 


In addition to the building of structures, walls, floors, ceilings, and doorways, the fixtures and plumbing are also critical factors that require needed considerations.  Boger Homes is a Tampa based custom home builder that has spent the last few years developing more than homes.  They have carved out a niche that addresses a certain type of home that given a property location and size requirement, can build accordingly. 


Boger Homes targets properties in Odessa, Lutz, Land O Lakes, and South Tampa i.e. Bayshore Drive, the toney section of Tampa’s Hyde Park.  For more information about Boger Homes and their home designs, contact them at (813) 949-0074  21859 SR 54   Lutz, Fl  33549



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